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Background on Kevin 'Frederick' Harlan Coe

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Kevin "Frederick" Harlan Coe
Age 58 - DOB-2/2/1947

First Marriage: Jennifer Sandstrom 1972
Second Marriage: Shawn O'Brien Sept 1986, Divorced 1988

When arrested lived at 1418 S. Dyer (Also parents address)

Sentenced 8/17/81 14 y 10 m 14 d                           
Release Date 9/8/2006

Inmate Number 279538


Late 1978 series of rapes began, mainly on the south hill area.

March 10, 1981-Frederick H. Coe 34 arrested, accused of attacking a 51 year old woman, $25,000 bail is set.

March 12, 1981- Coe is charged with rape, bail raised to $100,000

March 24, 1981- Five more rape charges filed, he pleads innocent, tells the judge that he was looking for South Hill Rapist

April 3, 1981-Coe released on $35,000 bail. Trial on five first degree counts of  rape and one count of second degree rape is set for the next month

July 24, 1981- Trial starts with 51 yr old woman identifying Coe as the man who raped her three years before.  The woman, as had three other witnesses, had been hypnotized to help police get a description.  That fact later became part of Coe's appeal to the state supreme court.

July 24, 1981- A woman testifies Coe exposed himself to her two days before he was arrested.  Coes's attorneys object to the testimony as irrelevant and prejudicial.  The judge allowed the testimony, and that also became part of Coe's appeal.

July 27, 1981- Coe take the stand he says in was in Seattle when first six rapes took place. He mother backs up his story and the two testify that they were looking for the South Hill rapist when Coe was arrested.

August 16, 1981- Coe is sentenced to 75 years plus life in prison.  His attorney ask that he be committed as a sexual psychopath after Coe confesses to one of the rapes to a doctor.  Coe is ordered to the correction center at Shelton to be transferred to a state prison.

Nov 20, 1981-Ruth Coe, the 61 year old mother of Fred Coe and Former charm school teacher is charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill trial Judge Shields and the Spokane County Prosecutor Donald Brocket.  Mrs. Coe had offered a police undercover agent $4,000 to kill the two men she felt were the most responsible for putting her son behind bars.  She is held on $500,000 bail.

Nov 23, 1981- Mrs. Coe appears in court to plead not guilty to two counts of premeditated solicitation for first degree murder.  She is released on bail two days later.

April 28, 1982- Fred Coe denies he confessed to any of the sexual attacks.  He said the confession was part of a plan to get him committed to a sexual psychopath  program.

May 17, 1982-Mrs. Coe's trial starts in Spokane with the prosecution introducing tape recordings of Mrs. Coe making arrangements to have the judge and prosecutor killed.  The defense contends that Mrs. Coe was entrapped.  Several days into trial Carl Maxey her attorney free of charge, a friend of the Coes (he was almost Kevin's attorney) heard that the police tapes were to be aired on KHQ which had obtained them from prosecutor Mary Kay Barbieri, Chief Deputy of the criminal division in the Seattle Prosecutor's office.  Maxey objected violently, warning that his client could be poppelled into a suicidal state.  Judge Bibb called a hearing, ordered tapes not to be played,. On Firday may 21 KHQ aired the tapes anyway.  Fined $2000.00  Ruth Coe was hospitalized and the trial halted for several days. . 

May 29, 1982- Mrs. Coe is found guilty by Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Robert Bibb who gives her a year in Jail.  Bibb, who heard the case when Spokane county judges withdrew, said the story reads like a Greek tragedy.  Mrs. Coe tells the court she is sorry to have caused so much trouble to the families of Brocket and Shields.

June 20, 1982- Mrs. Coe begins serving her sentence in Pend Oreille County jail after dropping an appeal of her conviction.

July 2, 1982- The Coe family home is sold at a trustee's public sale after the Coes failed to pay on the mortgage.  They said legal costs left them broke.

July 31, 1982-Fred Coe changes his name to Kevin Coe claiming he's been using the name for several years.

August 25, 1982- Mrs. Coe is transferred to a work release program in Spokane and is later transferred to another program in Seattle.

Nov 19, 1982- Attorneys for Kevin Coe ask the State Court of Appeals to overturn Coe's convictions because of the use of hypnosis on three prosecution witnesses and withholding evidence.

Dec 9, 1982- The State Supreme Court agrees to hear Coe's appeal.

March 1983- In pretrial statements to the court, Coe said the prosecutor was engaged in a "malicious and vindictive prosecution... if not a out and out criminal conspiracy."  The prosecutor said Coe received a fair trial. 

June 13, 1982-The Supreme Court is asked to decide on the issue of using hypnosis on crime victims and then having those victims testify in a trial.  Brocket argues that hypnosis merely brings out a past recollection and removes blocks to the memory.  

Nov 20, 1983 -Kevin Coe threatens to sue over a book called "Son A Psychopath and His Victims"  which traces Coe's life and conviction. The book is a brisk seller in Spokane

April 1, 1984-Gordon Coe, Kevin's father goes on national television to say the book about his son wasn't true.  Gordon Coe predicts that the Was State Supreme court will overturn the guilty verdicts again his Coe.

June 7, 1984-The State Supreme Court overturns the four guilty verdicts against Kevin Coe, saying there was too many errors made, during the trial.  The high court says the trial court erred when it allowed the testimony from the witnesses who were hypnotized.  Those witnesses where the major witnesses against Coe. 

July 15, 1985 (84-1-03047-6) Found guilty of Rape First Degree, Count III in King County.  Sentencing set minimum tern of 25 years.    The one count convicted:

   Mr. Coe is accused of attacking a woman who had just emerged from a bus while he was allegedly jogging.  The woman was very brutally raped and although it is difficult to determine whether or not a knife was displayed  a knife was threatened.  There is also file information indicating that the woman was beaten and during the course of the rap Mr. Coe's gloved hand was rammed so far down her throat that she had difficulty talking afterwards.   Oct 23, 1980

April 9, 1994 An inmate Tim Cannon inmate razored him from his neck into his lower lip and that he had to get 100 stitches 422  Trial May 1995

In all Dept of Corrections docs: Coe refused to attend parole hearings/sign any docs

Always maintained he is innocent.  Wanted to serve his whole time..said he couldn't work because of his allergies, now has a back pain.  Stayed in his cell to work on legal docs and book.

He is paying into a victim witness fund and has a victim witness notification...which means his victims will be notified prior to his release.