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Injuries in the Garden

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KENNEWICK, Wash.--People can get hurt by simply bending or turning the wrong way.

Earlier, KNDU went to the Kennewick home of Glenda Higgins.

Glenda loves her garden, but she's had chronic back pain for about 10 years.

Her physical therapist, Ken Call, blames Glenda's prior lifting techniques and poor posture.

In her backyard, Glenda now has a chair and bench to help her take pressure off of her back and spine.

She talked about what she used to do. Meanwhile, her physical therapist has a helpful exercise.

"I bent over," says Higgins. I overreached. I carried two heavy things. I didn't have a good place to pot things."

"Tighten up the stomach muscles," recommends physical therapist Ken Call, Therapeutic Associates. And they can hold onto the chair if they need to for arm supports and then stand straight up, come all the way up to a full standing position and then sit back down, nice and controlled. If they do that five to 10 times, a few times a day, that's going to build some let strength and some core strength with it."

Call also recommends stretching your arms and legs. Anything you can do to get the blood flowing.