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Unregistered Sex Offenders in the Tri-Cities

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TRI-CITIES, Wash-- There are many sex offenders in the Tri-Cities who have not registered and who police are trying to find.

KNDU looked on the Benton and Franklin County Offender Watch websites where they list all the sex offenders who live in the Tri-Cities. Out of 94 registered in Benton County 32 are listed as non-compliant for failing to register where they are living.

In Franklin County one is listed as a transient and police don't know of the whereabouts of one level two offender.

You may have received notices that a level two or level three sex offender lives on your street, but did you know you can go online and find out how many sex offenders live in a two mile radius from your house, we typed in KNDU's address and found 10.

"It's nerving but I don't let my son outside without watching him, so he has to be within eye distance," said Tammy Tovar, who lives near a sex offender.

One neighbor has a level three offender living across the street.

"It doesn't really bother me, he keeps to himself and I keep to myself," said Candy Lee.

Police only send notices when a level two or level three sex offender lives on your block but most people don't know what the level means.

"The difference in the rating depends on how likely they are to re-offend. The higher the rating they are a level two or level three, the more likely they are to re-offend," said Layne Erdman, West Richland Chief of Police.

If police don't know where they are it's impossible to know what they are doing.

29 year-old Ellis Orville Weber is an unregistered level three sex offender, last known to be living in Richland. He is about five feet tall and weighs 150 lbs.

71 year-old Miguel Soto, level two sex offender last known to be living in Pasco also has failed to register.