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Not All Drivers Ready To Remove Studded Tires

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YAKIMA--Studded tires must be off all cars before Wednesday, April 1.  Drivers will be fined if they're found with them still on in April, but some don't agree with that decision.

Bad weather last year forced the Department of Transportation to give drivers an extra week to keep studded tires on.  That's not going to happen this year.

Whether or not that's a good thing depends on who you talk to.

"I don't think its any mystery how damaging they are to the roads," Laura Schactler of Selah said.  "I think [the DoT should] stick with the deadline and reduce any damage that we can to the highways."

"We should have another two weeks to a month [with studded tires]," Dennis Sillis said.  "People who travel over the pass need the studs on there just to make it safe."

Sillis says he goes over the passes at least once a week.  He's not excited about making the trip without studs.

But, others want the deadline to change tires moved up a month to March 1.

"Rarely this time of year do [we] have snow," Marilyn Carothers of Spokane said.  "We just got to preserve those roads, we deal with those ruts."

Those ruts cost a lot of money to repair, leaving some eager to see them gone.

"I hope they come up with a better alternative to traction on the roads besides studs.  It's a lot of money that goes towards maintaining the roads and they really tear them up."

Sillis insists people should be thinking safety first.

"How am I going to make it over the pass with them off when [driving] requires them?"

The chief of the Washington State Patrol said troopers can easily tell who has studs by the sound they make.

If any drivers are found with them still on after April 1, they will have to pay a $124 fine.