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Federal Tobacco Tax Goes Up to $1.01

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- That smoke break in the middle of the day, just got more expensive.

The federal tobacco tax is going up from 39 cents to a $1.01 per pack. Many smokers are fuming .

"It makes it hard for the honest, hard working person out there working, that's just something that you enjoy," said Jeremy Phelps, a smoker.

Jeremy says he usually goes through a pack a day. Here's about how much he spends:

"I bought Marlboro Menthols, they were $5.73, which is pretty good because everywhere else you go it's $7.00," said Phelps.

Right now a pack of Camel filters averages $5.95, they will go up to $6.62. That's after sales tax and the new federal tax. For a week's worth that's about $46. For a month almost $200.

We asked one man if he thought it was worth it for him to spend that much.

"Honestly right now, not really, but it's a habit and it's hard to quick," said Jesse Boswell, a smoker.

While it may be kind of a drag to quit smoking, these same people say they're planning on it.

"I'm going to quit, yes, at the end of the month," said Phelps.

"I'm planning on this being my last pack, I've got kids to take care of, I can't pay $7 to $8 a day, I can't do that," said Boswell.

Tobacco free advocates hope the tax works as an incentive.