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Senator Murray Visits Tri-Cities

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PASCO, Wash--  Call it Financial Education 101, a course that seems to get more important by the day in such uncertain economic times.  Your teacher-- Senator Patty Murray.

"Everyone asks me, 'how do we make Americans more financially sound and how do we make sure our poor financial choices don't lend us in the same spot in the future?' says the Senator.

Murray played host to students and staff at Columbia Basin College to highlight the lack of understanding students face in the financial world.  She talked about everything from credit card debt to student loans.

"One of my most important goals is to make sure young people understand what they're doing when they're signing up for a student loan or for a credit card."

While it is no secret money is hard to come by, it is getting increasingly harder to harvest it in your pocket.  Students looking for help usually turn to financial aid.  The latest numbers show students at CBC have taken out more than $1 million in unsubsidized loans and another $1 million in Stafford loans, all to help get them to graduation.

It might be easy to sign off on these loans, but it's also easy to forget six months out of school and the bills start to pile up.

"I've talked to so many young people today who are in college or right out of college and didn't realize they're going to start having to pay that loan back shortly after they graduate," adds the Senator.