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Dunlap One of the Best in Different Type of Taekwondo

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- Matt Dunlap is a winner in taekwondo. But it is not the type of martial art you may think of, where two fighters take each other on.

Dunlap says, "It's basically what I eat, breathe, and sleep, taekwondo."

18-year-old Matt Dunlap has won 12 state and 4 national titles in taekwondo but he gets his medals from a different type of taekwondo, called poomsae. Poomsae athlete's routines are judged by precision and control, according to ancient Korean traditions.

Dunlap says, "We have to make sure we look good because looking good is also part of the judging."

That grace and style doesn't come over night. Dunlap is constantly training.

"Most of my time is spent doing my core training at home, my sit-ups, my pull-ups, my push-ups, everything that makes me better."

With the Pan-American and World University Games coming up, Dunlap will have plenty of chances to show his stuff.