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Soldier Gives Special Thanks To Students At Jefferson Elementary in Richland

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- Second grade students at Jefferson Elementary in Richland had a big surprise in store on Thursday.

"I just wanted to make an impression on the kids and let them know how important it was to honor men and women serving our country," said Marie Holst, 2nd. Grade Teacher at Jefferson.

With Mrs. Holst's help these students sent a care package to every soldier in one unit in Afghanistan.

"Toiletries, snacks, coffee, socks," said

For their kindness the class has already received many thank you letters some posted on their "Wall of Heroes".

"Master Sergeant Fleek sent hats from Afghanistan, he sent one to every student in my class. This is a picture of them with their hats. Some of the kids will actually be wearing their hats today," said Mrs. Holst.

And as the hats went on, so did the official meet and greet.

"I wanted to say thank you to you guys, because we got your letters and your cards, and they really meant a lot to me," said Master Sergeant Scott Fleek, with the U.S. Air Force.

Master Sergeant Fleek shared pictures and memories with two other second grade classes. In the crowd was a special little girl who's getting ready to send her dad off to Iraq.

"He spends 4 days with us, and then he has to leave at like one in the morning to go to Georgia. From Georgia then to Iraq," said Gracie Benitz.

Gracie says she's proud of her dad but sad to see him go.

"I'm very afraid, because I'm a daddy's girl," said Benitz.

Now daddy's girl will have her very own hero to write to.

"I feel happy to write letters to soldiers," said Benitz.