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Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn this Spring

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PASCO, Wash-- Spring is here and many homeowners want to get their grass looking green again and that can mean fertilizing.

Many homeowners want to have the greenest lawn on the block but you might want to think twice before fertilizing your lawn multiple times.

No one wants their lawn to stick out like a sore thumb, brown and yellow while all of your neighbors have fresh green grass, so you buy some fertilizer. For Janice McClure her lawn has to be super green.

"I love it, it's a new beginning I really like it," said Janice McClure.

Some people think if they fertilize their lawn over and over again it will get greener faster.

"You can over fertilize. Actually if you fertilize too much then your grass becomes dependant on it and it won't survive without it, especially with chemical fertilizers you can really over fertilize with that," said Geoff Howard, Assistant Manager at Beaver Bark.

More dangerously the fertilizer could get into the groundwater and hurt everything around it. At Beaver Bark in Richland they recommend fertilizing your lawn once in the fall and once in the spring, and they want people to try natural fertilizers like Doctor Earth

"It's going to be more beneficial to the plant in the long run because it's using things it would naturally find rather than things we are chemically engineering," said Howard.

Some safety tips for fertilizing: wear gloves when spreading, and keep your pets and kids off your grass for at least 24 hours. With patience eventually your grass will look as green as the lawn on the other side of the fence.