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Police Officers Now Have Access To Driver's License Pictures

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A new law will allow police officers to have full access to driver's license pictures.

Many officers say when they pull someone over and that person doesn't have their ID, many give the wrong name and information.

With this new law officers will have access to pictures in their police cars. The bill was signed by the Governor on Aril 2d.

In Kennewick police say they used to take a digital picture of a person pulled over if they didn't have their ID, and attached it to the ticket.

"At least when that person who really is that person shows up in court and says your honor that wasn't me and then judge can look at the picture on the ticket and say yea, that wasn't you that the officer stopped," said Sergeant Ken Lattin, with the Kennewick Police Department.

Lattin says in the past relatives, twins or even co-workers have given someone else's information when they got pulled over.

While it was Senate Bill 5262 that became law, Representative Brad Klippert introduced a very similar bill back in January of this year.

Klippert is an active Benton County Sheriff's Deputy and is one of many to help push the bill into law.

It's set to go into effect on July 26th.