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Hazardous Material Spill Creates 100-Foot Cloud of Gas, Blocks Off East Nob Hill Blvd.

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YAKIMA, Wash. - A hazardous spill Wednesday morning caused a white cloud of gas to rise 100 feet above the site of the accident.

It happened in the 1200 block of East Nob Hill Blvd. after a Peninsula Trucking employee struck a plastic container with a fork lift inside their building.  About 270 gallons of Organic Peroxide came out creating the cloud of vapor and steam. 

Ron Melcher is the Deputy Fire Marshall for the Yakima Fire Department.  He says the gas did not pose any significant danger to cars that drove through it but Yakima Police decided initially to blocked off half a mile of Nob Hill Blvd.

"They established perimeters so they could ensure safety to the public," he said.  "You know we didn't want anybody else driving through this until we could figure out what it was."

Yakima fire says anyone that did drive through the vapor should not be concerned.  The perimeter included Nob Hill Blvd. from at least 6th St. to 18th St., according to Melcher.  Parts of Fair Ave. were also closed temporarily.

The worker exposed to the vapor from the accident was treated on the scene, there were no other employees present at the time and no injuries. 

A private company is overseeing clean up of the spill.