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SPECIAL THANKS TO JIM SIMPSON for this sequence of the U-37 flip at Madison.
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VIDEO OF FLIP (Go3Racing.com) >> CLOSE-UP PHOTO (Mark Campbell) >>

FROM U-6 FACEBOOK PAGE: Oh Boy! Oberto Unlimited Hydroplane Mark Campbell, photographer of the Madison Courier was "Johny on the spot" and captured a picture of the U-37 flip.

U-37 driver Jean Theoret injured in flip - Condition updates, Photo, Video, Slideshow

SUN 12:45PM ET UPDATE: Scott Raney, U-37 crew chief on WORX, talking about Jean Theoret: "His voice is very strong. He's anxious to get out of the hospital. They've got him on some antibiotics.  He told me 'Get the boat fixed. I want to go racing again.'"  As for the boat..."The uprights, the cowling, they're gone. Engine is done. Electrical system is going to have to be replaced.  Our intention is to go to Detroit."

SUN 12:15PM ET UPDATE: U-37 Crew Chief Scott Raney reports that he has talked to Jean and he is resting comfortably.  Breathing tube has been removed and he is "improving faster than expected." SOURCE:  ABRA 

SAT 10PM ET UPDATE:  ABRA's Sam Cole reports that Jean remains in University of Louisville Hospital trauma unit...they have found nothing internal or external as yet after a CAT scan...He continues to get stronger and improving.   READ SAM'S COMPLETE COMMENTS >>

SAT 8:30PM ET UPDATE:  Theoret's injuries are reported as NOT life-threatening.  His condition has improved considerably since earlier reports. 

SAT 6:30PM ET UPDATE:  Theoret's condition upgraded to stable, but guarded, according to Dr. Edward Sauris of King's Daughters' Hospital. 

SAT 5:15PM ET UPDATE:  Theoret was stablized at King's Daughter's Hospital and then transported by ambulance to University of Louisville Hospital for further evaluation.

SAT 4:15PM ET UPDATE:  ABRA reports Theoret is in critical condition, had to be intubated and put on a ventilator to assist with breathing.

Madison Unlimited Hydroplane Racing - Heat 1B

Jean Theoret appeared to be driving the U-37 Bellos Pizza to a win in Heat 1B at Madison when the boat bounced going into the entrance pin to the first turn.  J. Michael Kelly, driving the U-7, was closing fast when Theoret went up and over coming out of turn one.

The U-37 did a 360, then landed on its left sponson.  The boat went upside down in the water and rescue crew had to pull Theoret out through the escape hatch.  The Madison Safety and Rescue crew, led by Buddy Gaw, and the ABRA Rescue team were on the move before the boat even settled in the water.  They did an incredible job under intense pressure, getting Theoret out and adminstering CPR.  Reports are that Theoret took in a lot of water and had to be intubated and placed on a ventilator for help breathing.

He was immediately put into an ambulance and has been taken to a Louisville hospital.  ABRA reported his initial condition as critical.

  See updates above for the latest info.

The ABRA called the heat official and posted the following results, giving the win to J. Michael Kelly.


  1. U-7 Graham Trucking - J. Michael Kelly
  2. U-48 Albert Lee - Brian Perkins
  3. U-22 Bello's Pizza/ServPro - Mike Webster

    DNF. U-37 Bello's Pizza - Jean Theoret