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DETROIT GOLD CUP 2009: U-5's Jeff Bernard wins Heats 4A, U-1's Steve David racks up 4th win in Heat 4B

Interesting how the blind draws for heat match-ups can work.  Steve David and Dave Villwock were matched up head-to-head in every heat in Madison.  In Detroit, they never saw each other in the heat racing. 

The final two heats had a lot at stake for a few drivers.  The top five finishers after heat racing make it to the Gold Cup final.  If you're not in the top 5, this is your last chance to make it happen.  Going into the final heats, the point totals showed 9 teams still with a chance to get into the final.


  1. U-16 - 1200 points
  2. U-1 - 1200
  3. U-100 - 825
  4. U-7 - 727
  5. U-25 - 652
  6. U-5 - 619
  7. U-48 - 596
  8. U-17 - 563
  9. U-37 - 521
  10. U-3 - 169
  11. U-22 - 95

Jeff Bernard in the U-5, with his win in Heat 4A, passed up Ken Muscatel in the U-25 to round out the field in the finals.

Heat 4A

Dave Villwock in the U-16 was guaranteed a place in the Gold Cup finals whether he ran in Heat 4A or not.  It was a good thing for him as he was penalized and fell to 5th place in Heat 4A.

U-100 and Greg Hopp once again was able to set himself up in lane one.  Villwock set up in lane two with Bernard in three, Kelly in four, and Brown in five.

Villwock moved out in the final turn lining up.  It appeared he lost power and simply couldn't hold the boat in his lane.  The boat shut down. He managed to get re-started, but had lost too much distance to make it back into the race.

Hopp had a huge lead at the start and held it for most of the first lap.  J. Michael Kelly in the U-7 reeled him and took the lead.  It was a two boat battle until Jeff Bernard inserted himself into the fray.  Bernard grabbed the lead and started to extend.

Kelly and Hopp battled it out the rest of the way.  Great race for second place as Kelly narrowly edged out Hopp at the finish.  Kip Brown in the U-17 had to fight off a problem with his stablizer, which threatened to come loose during the race, finished 4th.


  1. U-5 - Jeff Bernard (avg speed - 137.459)
  2. U-7 Graham Trucking - J. Michael Kelly
  3. U-100 Jarvis Painting - Greg Hopp
  4. U-17 ActiVwater - Kip Brown
  5. U-16 Elam - Dave Villwock

"The canard's a little stiff and we didn't have time to get it fixed," said Kelly on WORX.  "We'll have it ready in the final."

"It was hard to drive out there," Kelly said. 

Jeff Bernard needed the win to get into the final.  He did.  "We knew we had to win," said Bernard.  "We needed to keep the boat clean.  I figured second place points would get us in the final and Dave got hung up."

Heat 4B

The U-3 started out on the course for Heat 4B, but had to take it back into the pits and was unable to make the start.  With the U-3 out, that made it an easy ride for Steve David in the U-1 as he racked up his 4th straight heat win in Detroit.

Ken Muscatel in the U-25 was the only one with a chance to bump Jeff Bernard out of the final.  To do that, Muscatel needed a heat win.  However, his boat didn't cooperate and he was also forced to sit out the final heat.

David started across the line first and was never really challenged, stretching out a lead of J.W. Myers by almost half the course.  Brian Perkins tried to make it a race for second with J.W. Myers, but Myers was able to hold him off.


  1. U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison - Steve David
  2. U-37 Glacial Energy/Miss DYC - J.W. Myers
  3. U-48 Albert Lee - Brian Perkins

    DNS.  U-3 Chrysler-Jeep - Jimmy King
    DNS.  U-25 Jarvis Disaster Recovery - Ken Muscatel

"There's some kind of vibration," said U-3 owner Ed Cooper on WORX.  "With the luck we've had the last few weeks, it wasn't worth it.  We figured we're better off bringing it in and figuring it out."

"We only do this for the fun.  The fans are what makes it fun.  That's what makes it a disappointment not to do well.  But we'll be back," said Cooper.

It was a prefect four-for-four for David.  Four heat races and four heat wins.  "This is really anybody's Gold Cup," said Steve David on WORX.  "The team's given me the best boat they've ever given me to run a Gold Cup."