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Tri-City's Dallas Tarleton Explains How To Do Catching Signs

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PASCO, Wash. - Dust Devils catcher Dallas Tarleton graduated Elon University with a 3.7 GPA. He's a pretty smart guy, and that helps, because as Scott Reister found out, there's a lot of thinking that comes with his position.
Q:Take me through an at bat. What's the first thing that happens?
A: I look at two things, right hander or lefthander batter, and I also look at their stance, if they are open or closed and what pitches they might struggle with. I formulate what I'm gonna call from that. And of course the situation where the runners are, how many outs, that kind of thing.
Q: Is it a 1-2-3 for three pitches?
A:1 fast ball, obviously. 2 or 3 for breaking balls, 4 or wiggle for changeup
That's pretty standard.
Q: What's to prevent a runner out there seeing the one and calling fastball?
A: A runner on second you can do a lot of things with patterns, use a certain sign, like the second sign or fourth sign , or use the first sign after this. Chase the two, so the first sign after the first two, so I go like this, and there's the first that's a fastball in.. I just kept going, so all that's garbage.
Q: Does it ever get confusing?
A: Not so much. If you get confused you can go out and change it up and talk to the guy and find out what you want to do. We'll mix it up if we play the same team in a five game set. Mix it up to keep them off balance.