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Emails about Water Follies

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Emails about Water Follies:

Scott & Christine,

Although we can't be down in the pits with you (because we're tending the store in Kennewick). We're not that far away (we can hear the boats when we step outside and see the plans pass over), but we're thankful for your televised coverage and the live-feed. it feels like we're almost there!

Andrew & the gang at Valley Quality Homes

Hey Christine and Scott...  Jim Larson here...  wishing i was at the river working with you, but I am at home watching with my 1 year old daughter.
  I remember one year when i was the dock camera. The owner of the Elstrom  boat came up to me and rubbed my belly for good luck. Well it worked, they won the race. I tryed to find him for a ride to Seattle, but never worked out.
  I also remember standing on the metal scaffolding at turn one for 3 days with no cover....  I feel like a slab of bacon in a frying pan... 
  keep up the great coverage and if you ever need help, let me know, I sure do miss it. Maybe I'll my little one down next year and get her hooked.

Jim Larson

The announcer said will Muncie made the worst start ever seen, but it was actually Bill Muncie with that honor they put the wrong prop on the boat and when he started it he backed into the dock.      Hoyt From San Diego

Just wanted to thank you for the Columbia Cup live streaming on the web. I am watching from Lynnwood Washington am enjoying your web cast very much. Go Oberto!

Kevin Baker

Hi I love watching the web cast I'm here in Dallas TX.  I used to live in Spokane and in the 80's I worked with Mike Fiztsimmons on his hydro live radio broadcast I miss coming to the races. Again Thank You!

Michael Lamberson

My name is Grace and I am watching the races on my computer.  I have two adult children, Kelle and Michal who live in Kennewick.  I live in Richland from 1981-1988 and plan on return to live there when I retire next year.  I usually go up for these and watch it from the Battelle Northwest tent on the Pasco side.  My daughter works for Battelle.


I am watching online from Indianapolis, IN.  Thanks for the great coverage. Go Oberto! 

Stacy Phillips

Thank you for providing coverage! We are watching and loving the race and events of the day from Cape Coral Florida. The only thing better would be to actually be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your coverage helps ease the home sick whoas! We are with you all in spirit!


Michelle and Max Koedding

SUPER JOB. I'm Norman from Walton Kentucky. My 1st yr. SOOOOO great thanks.

Thank you for web casting the race. I wish I could have been there, but you all did a great job of bringing it to me in the somewhat comfort of my house here in Everett where its a balmy 85. Thank you all!!  Great Job and congrats to Steve David and the Oh Boy Oberto

Team on their 2009 Columbia Cup wins.  GO OBERTO!!!!!!  WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave in Everett

Thank you for the coverage of the Water Follies. It is a pleasure to watch.

 Joe McCord
Madison, IN

Great coverage of the Columbia Cup!Long time hydro fans (especially Hawaii Kai III)
Jon & Judy Fessler
Fossil, Oregon

Home of the Oregon Paleo Lands Institute. The Folks in Evansville, I enjoy your broadcast!!!

Scott & Christine:  Thank you so much for putting the Lamb Weston Columbia broadcast
on the internet.  If you hadn't of done that I wouldn't have been able to see the races at all.  The motel that I call home (in Pasco) lost ALL local channels on their satellite TV, back in February, when you all switched over to Digital.  So, I can't even watch the local news any more.  And I really do miss watching your newscasts, and watching Tim do the weather.

I grew up over in Seattle and would always enjoy watching Seafair and the Hydroplane races on Lake Washington.  Always heard about the hydroplanes races over here but never seen them.  Last year I was able to watch them on TV, and stand outside and watch the air show, as the jets and P-51 Mustang flew right over where I was staying.

Once again, thank you so much for broadcasting it over the internet.  It was a lot of fun watching the races on my lap-top.  And you (along with the rest of the crew from KNDU) do an excellent job of putting on a really good broadcast.

Thank you again so much.  I really appreciated it.


Bonnie L. Christiansen

Hi Scott and Christine!

You two are doing an outstanding job today!!  It is so nice to hear your stories and see all the different views KNDU has.  Hats off to KNDU for covering the boat races. 

Perhaps you can have little spray bottles next to you to keep cool next year.  Hope you get all the good liquids you need!

Thanks for all that you do!!!  You are my favorite people and station. Have a great coming week!

I grew up in Tri-Cities, Lived there for over 20 years.My favorite time of year was always at hydro racing time. My favorite boat was always the Miss Budweiser. Even when the piston engines were in front of the driver. Loved watching Bill Muncey, Chip, Dean Chenowith and Mickey Rimond, not sure on Deans last name spelling. I really get homesick this time of year.But thanks to you at KNDU, I can watch the live feed like I am doing right now.

Thanks KNDU
Michael Older
Tuscany Suites & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

I am enjoying the race from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Thanks for the great broadcast!
Stephen Brown

My name is Grace and I'm watching from Ukiah CA.  My children Kelle and Michael live in Kennewick.  I usually come up to go to the races but not the case this year.  I am watching on my computer.  Go hydros!

I grew up in Pasco, not far from the river.   Now I live in Everett, so I can't make it every year to the races so its real neat that your streaming live on the internet.   Thanks!!!!
Dave in Everett

Hoyt from San Diego the Leland camp had a female crew chef, also chip flipped 2 / 360s and a 180 roll and they put the boat back in the final with Mitch Evens and took 2. Thanks for coverage.


I've been listening to you all day from Long Island, NY!!!  It's awesome, wish I was there :)


Hi Scott and Christine.

Two of my greatest hydroplane race memories in the Tri-Cities were the !966 Atomic Cup where Mira Slovak, driver of the Harrahs Tahoe Miss, took me on a tour of the entire pits area and then accompanied me to the Pasco airport to show me his Bucker Jungmann Biplane. Mira drove in all of the races and flew the Bucker in between races for the airshow. The second greatest was the 1969 Atomic Cup watching the races and having our ears glued to radios to listen to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land the Eagle on the moon with Apollo 11. For a moment everyone along the shores forgot about the races and stood up to give the moon landing a standing ovation. I'm not sure which was the greatest of the two, but they were both moments that I will never forget.

Dave McCurry

Hello and thanks for your great coverage....

Wayne Johnson
Sacramento, CA

Hi guys,

I didn't send you an email re Chip Hanauer, but thought I would say hello.  I have been in the sport for a long time, was the Director of Safety, Technology, and Competition for the URC for 10 years, and do a lot of design and wind tunnel work for many teams.

I was unable to attend the Tri Cities event this year, but am watching it via the web.  You guys do a great job.  I also have known Chip for many years, so if you see him please say hello for me.

Keep up the good work.

Doug Ford Engineering, LLC
(303) 526-7378
(303) 918-0596 Cell

Great coverage so far!! Thanks for all you do!  Hoping for a safe final!
Go U-1
Shark bite time!!

Please give a shout to the Martin family from Tennesee.
from the Brandonclan
I'm sure they are all huddled around the computer waiting to watch KNDU live stream!!
Dan Brandon
Washington MI

I'm watching at Jackson's Sports Bar in Kennewick thanks for your live coverage of the Lamb Weston Columbia Cup. Excellent Job.
From Dan

I'm in Fairfax Station, Virginia watching the hydro races.  I'm a former Washington resident and grew up with the hydros.  First went to Tri-Cities in the late 70's.  I was there in 89 when U-3 won.  We didn't find that out until we were headed out of town back to Seattle.

Richard Berry

I graduated from Stadium High School in Tacoma in 1957. I grew up with the Puget Sound all around & I knew there were lakes up north in Seattle. There were boat races! Great Races! Races everywhere. In the 1957 - 1961 time period I attended Central Washington College of Education. My part-time summer & holiday employment was at The Camera Shop in Tacoma. Boats, races, & great times.

From 1961-1965 I taught 6th grade at Stanley Elementary School in Tacoma. Yes, there were really great boat races up north in Seattle. And, we had a lot of boat action right there in Tacoma.

In 1965 I joined the faculty at WSU in Pullman. We didn't get much info about boat races in Seattle. In Pullman we were sort of disconnected.

In 1990 my wife Marlene, & I, relocated back to the Kittitas Valley. And the news has been good! There are boat races in the Tri-Cities. There are boat races in Seattle. And, here in the Kittitas Valley area we are connected to see & share the action.

Right now as a Walden University faculty member I'm here at my desk assessing papers from students. But, the KNDO-KNDU live feed is streaming to my desktop. I'm enjoying the 2009 race! Another good one. And, another example of your good coverage. Appreciated. Your coverage & the excitement is influencing my assessment in positive ways.

By the way, while on vacation last week I celebrated birthday #70. I guess I'm now one of the old guys watching the race.

Jerry Brong
Living & Working About 10 Miles East of Ellensburg

I worked at KNDU for 17 years before retiring in 2003.  I directed many newscasts at the Columbia Cups.  I just wanted to pass along to Scott and Christine, who I've known for many years, what a great job they did and the whole crew are doing.  

A superb performance from all of you!
Gary Brehm
Former KNDU Director

Hi Guys from just outside Palm Springs, CA.

I've been watching the stream for almost 3 hours since I found out about the races for my Dad in San Diego.   I grew up in the early days of the Atomic Cup.   I'm really enjoying your telewebcast.

Thanks, Ron Reid

We couldn't make it to the water Follies this weekend, but we still had some water fun with Barney, our swim spa mascot. A great way to stay cool!

Pamela Collins Pruitt Selah, WA

Christine, Loved the pictures from 1966.  My dad, "Shorty" Cloninger, was there in a Neil Lampson crane.  He was known for his steady hand and requested by returning drivers to lift their boats.  

Kathy Cloninger Freeman

I was at the first race. I was 12ish. My parents Mel and Normareen Pope were Pasco Jaycees. We were at Ron McDonalds dock, the first dock on the Pasco side at the time. The thing I remember the most is the Hydro hair doo's. Got any of those pic's??

Lynnea Pope Harlan

Every year a story is done on the prep for race weekend, and every year you mention fencing, tents, scaffold, garbage cans and even portable toilets. I would also like to see some appreciation given to Verizon, for bringing communications to the Columbia Cup. It also is a week-long process.

Just thought I would mention this.
Thank you

I just watched the running of the Bardahl, Thriftway, and Oh Boy...   Those are the boats I grew up watching and so great are the memories!  Please ask your historical experts on-hand to make mention of the colorful history of unlimited hydroplane racing throughout the Pacific Northwest that some of us experienced -- Seattle and Tri-Cities' Gold Cups, Tri-Cities' Atomic Cup, and the long forgotten, and greatly missed, Diamond Cup races of Coeur d' Alene, ID.   Thank you.
Joe Frederick

I was the first rescue diver on Dean when he flipped the Budweiser on Saturday of the race in 1982. I performed the CPR on him until he was pronounced dead. I was a Diver and a Paramedic for the rescue team from 1977 to 1992.

Jim Harless, EMT/P, RN

Thank you for showing the races on TV.  The only problem was the camera was on the lead boat.  In the final race the announcer keep saying the race was for second but the TV viewers only saw the Oberto.  Maybe next year the camera could span the field and not just focus on the lead boat.  Thank you.  Sharon Baze

Been watching the coverage since it began.
Very nice job.
 -Tony in Kent WA.

Thanks for the live stream. It helps with the OCHD! (Obsessive Compulsive Hydroplane Disorder) :-)


Keith Koether

Boy do I enjoy a good boat race.  I grew up in Seattle in the 50's and 60's and through friends I got to meet the likes of Bill Muncey,  Ron Mussen, Bill Brow, Jack Regas, Billy Shumacher (and lived just down the street from their bakery), Ole Bardhal, just to  name a few.  The duals between Bardahl and Exide, or  Miss Seattle Two and Thriftway and the boats from Detroit.  And my favorite Hawaii Kai III.  Amazing times.  Some of the people I met are dead now, some in boat accidents.  For this reason I take issue with one of the ads you ran for the race that showed flip after flip after flip.  If you go to the races to see this you are one sick puppy.  I love the head duals for 3 laps, top speed head to head rooster tail dodging, with a sprint at the end for the finish and everyone lives to congratulate the winner and try again in the next race.  Please, next year, have a little sensitivity and show some good action. 

Aram Langhans

Having been raised in Seattle, I've been following hydro races since the mid 50's.  Now I enjoy watching your fine coverage of the Columbia Cup.  I especially enjoyed watching the 'oldies' tour around the course.

I remember one thing that the Seattle stations always reported was the average lap speeds of each boat.  That gives a good indication of how competitive each boat is, and the quality level of each race.  I wish that was something you could do.

Bob Fakler
Frenchman Hills

My name is Mike Wilson and I was a tour guide in 1985 and the things that I remember were the Last Piston, Miss Bud and Miss Executone. Also I made it rookie tour guide of the year. Thank you for bringing back the memories. Peace!

We were at the race in 69 when the first men landed on the moon. We were camping with our 2 young daughters in a teeny tent trailer and it was smok'n hot, so we went into downtown Pasco the evening the men landed on the moon to get some groceries.  The town was deserted and the grocery store was deserted as everyone was inside watching the men on the moon.

The day after the race, the temperature got up to 107, so we asked locals where we could go where it would be cooler and we were sent up Mt Rainier to camp. It was so cold that the kids were sledding on the snow banks in the dishpan outside of our trailer.

Don & Cecile Murray

Just sitting here watching the race, thanks to you guys. I am usually working on the U100. But due to family medical issues, I am unable to attend the Waterfollies this year. First time I have missed in a long time. Thank you guys for a great web cast. This makes my Sunday.
Jack  (aka MAGNUM)

In 1969, I believe that is the correct date, my parents and their best

friends loaded their VW van with six children, myself one of them, and

ice chests full of drink and food, folding chairs, towels, etc. Sometime during the race an announcement came over the loud speakers that the first men had landed safely on the moon.  The crowd roared with excitement, there were tears and the adults told us history had been made.  A memory I will always have, nine years old standing in

Columbia Park with my parent and our good friends at the Atomic Cup.

Christy Wegner


Just to say thank you for the KNDU live stream on the Internet. It's just gone midnight here and from my window I can see the shimmering Lake Coniston where Campbell tested the Bluebird. So a big thank you from a Hydro fan in the UK


P.S Say hi to the "Grobs" for me.

Hi I love watching the web cast I'm here in Dallas, TX.  I used to live in Spokane, and in the 80's I worked with Mike Fiztsimmons on his hydro live radio broadcast. I miss coming to the races. Again Thank You!

Michael Lamberson
PS. Really enjoy watching the coverage on SWX here in Spokane.  Certainly would like KHQ and SWX to somehow pick up the next race in Seattle from KIRO.

Go Dave Mrs. Elam!

I moved to El Centro 2 months ago and want to say hi to all my brothers in Kennewick.  This is the first year that I am not seeing the races in person in 20 years.

Beto Torres from El Centro, CA.

Jack Martin, Lampson employee helped with set up of cranes for the races relaxing at home in Cheney WA, watching the races live on TV.  Keeping cool inside enjoying the show....but missing all the fun food and drink.

My name is Grace and I am watching the races on my computer.  I have two adult children, Kelle and Michal who live in Kennewick.  I live in Richland from 1981-1988 and plan on return to live there when I retire next year.  I usually go up for these and watch it from the Battelle Northwest tent on the Pasco side.  My daughter works for Battelle.


Thanks to KNDU and KHQ for covering the boat races.  We're watching on SWX in Spokane.  We spent many years setting up our "spot" on the Pasco side for the races.  The most memorable (and scary) moment was the day I was standing on top of our scaffolding and watched the Pride of Pay N Pak flip during a practice run.  Scary, because I went to grade school with John Walters.

Keep up the good work.
Al Gilson
Spokane WA

The JW Myers fan club is watching the live stream in Kenmore WA

I like Chip, I also drive the Tri-Cities Veterans van taking patients to the Walla Walla VA Hospital.

Earl S. Gavaert

Hi! Just a note from a longtime hydro fan in Spokane, Washington.  I attended the Tri-Cities hydro races for 19 years in the eighties and nineties, but have not been able to attend for some years since.  It is great to see the live telecast on SWX--keep up the great work.
Jerry Barnhart --- U-25 fan  The Miss Spokane / Pay N Pak

We used to watch the boat races when we lived in Kennewick and then Pasco. 

Watching now from Modesto, CA.  It brings back memories.

John Vixie

Love watching the Unlimiteds and all other boat racing from here in Fort Wayne,Indiana.Have been a fan of boat racing for 50+ years............thanks,
Gene Simmons

I just wanted to say hello to the racers from uhlhydroplanes and It's glad to see your broadcast of the hydroplane racing today....Thank you...David Grubbs

Thank you so much for the live stream today, am in Concord, Ca , a native Seattle person, always went/saw the races. Darryl Johnson

Thanks for getting the races online!

Sooke, BC, Canada

Great Coverage!!! We watch every year from Palm Bay Florida.
Keep up the GREAT reporting!!!
Ron & Marilyn Netzley

Hello from Darrington, WA.  Watching the hydros on the internet.  Wish I was there but this works on my 46" LCD.

Thanks for the coverage.
Henry Miller

Just wanted to say hello from Evansville, IN and the part of the  Tell Mark Allen the ribs are on the grill today and I will see him in about 3 weeks when he announces Thunder on the Ohio here.

Thanks, Mike Fetscher

PS the U-3 Cooper team will be back!!!!

Thanks for the great coverage on!


Wichita, Kansas


Watching the wonderful coverage of the events in the Tri-Cities online here in the Horse Racing Capital of the world- Lexington, Ky! Good luck Oberto and Hoss in the races!

thanks for the great coverage!

James Crisp  

I have been going to the park for the hydros since the early 70's I have not been able to go over the last ten years or so and I am absolutely thrill I was able to find the races on your website and I think you folks are doing a terrific job. You made my year!
Jerry Gilstrap
Perrysburg, ohio

This is the first race I have missed in 26 years.  I can't thank you enough for the outstanding  coverage on the internet.  I will be back next year!

Mike Busselman
San Jose, CA  

Looking good from Dallas, TX. Thanks for the coverage!
Paul Strom

From Detroit but I am in Ft. Wayne Indiana right now. Watching the coverage on my laptop. Great job! Thanks for doing this. Eric


I'm Kevin Braun former  U-21 cew chief enjoying the web cast here in San Diego.

Your doing a great job.

Kevin Braun

Thanks for your excellent coverage 

 we  are watching from Chilliwack, British Columbia  and will be in Seattle next week

Don & Cecile Murray


Hi from Concord, CA!

Big fans from northern CA!  We lived in the Tri-Cities for several years.  Great to see the race online!  Thank you for the coverage!  We are coming back next year for the race!  KNDU rocks!

Mike, Shawn, Darren, Nudge

Just want to say thank you for broadcasting the Hydroplane race. I just watched the live stream out here from Germany /Europe

Thank you for this great coverage.
Greetings from Germany, Joern Pietzko


My Name is Marc Meierle from Milton, KY, my 10 yr son and I am watching the race as we do every year and have been to the a race as well love the area and love the course. Could not make it this year as we are putting to a small J40 hydro for my son. You and your partner are great and we appreciate your efforts. God Bless you

Marc and Tanner

Just checking in from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I always enjoy the Tri-Cities area whenever I attend a race there, and I hope to get back again soon.
Thanks for the tremendous coverage online and keep up the great work!

Gary Murray

Just wanted to say Thank You for the live coverage on the internet.  We really appreciate it. You all do a great job.   We are watching in Evansville, Indiana.
Thanks again,
Lori & Cheryl Ellerbrook  

I usually attend the races every year, Unfortunately I broke my leg earlier this month and I can't go, I just want to give a BIG thanks to Scott and Christine and all of KNDU for the fantastic coverage of the races. Thanks for letting me experience the race this year. Keep up the good work!
 -James in Richland


Thank you for the outstanding coverage of the Columbia Cup!  I've been watching all day and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Kerry Sauley
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Go Oberto!  Chew 'em up Steve!

Hello and Greetings from Madison, Indiana.

We are watching over the internet and you are doing an excellent job providing race coverage.  Many thanks for bringing us the video!

Steve David was flying the Oh Boy! Oberto in Madison and again in Detroit.  If you see him, you can tell him that Ron said to "keep the water side down".  (And we are very glad to see that J. Michael is okay).

Fred Farley (the APBA/ABRA Historian) is on the judges stand out there at Tri-Cities, (I could not make the trip), however, he and I are co-authors on the latest book on hydroplane racing "Legends of Thunder" which debuted in Detroit at the Gold Cup Race.  This is our 4th book on hydroplane racing.  Tell Fred that Ron sent "Hello from back at Madison". Best wishes.....and again.... many thanks for the excellent job you are doing bringing the video feed to the internet and all of us fans out here on the internet.

Ron Harsin
(co-author with Fred Farley on - "Legends of Thunder",  .... "Madison -
Hydroplane Heritage", "A Century of Gold Cup Racing", and "Vintage Hydroplane Heritage")

Hello everybody,

 A big thanks has to go out to Paul Dughi and everyone there, for making all this live stream happen! Looks great from here in Detroit!!

  My family are all big Unlimited racing fans and we make it to Madison and Detroit every year. We hope to one day come out west for the races.
 A big shout out to the Martin Clan down in Tennessee, from the BrandonClan!!!
another shout out to all the hydro page folks and especially Kim for making it all happen!!  Watch out for the Shark in the Columbia river!!!   Go U-1   !!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Brandon
Washington Mi.

I would like you to know about an issue that took place over the weekend, I have reported it to the water follies site but I also think it should be discussed among the public for a more noted feedback so the issue is resolved next year.  I hope you report on it..thanks a bunch!!

Here is what I wrote to them....

I just wanted to offer you a little feedback on the 2009 event.  I took my children to the Friday events and had a wonderful time and cannot wait to do it again, so thank you.  As far as Saturday and Sunday go I would like to offer some feedback that I believe is VERY important.  I was a designated driver for an entire van full (6) of friends on Saturday and Sunday.  You really really need to work something out for the future with this issue as it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick them up.  Drop off was easy breezy, pulled in dropped in the parking lot and looped out, but picking up, you had every entrance closed for entry ...exit only...the police didn't know what the staff was doing and vice versa...unless you were an official cab then the police were bias and let them take the main entrance.  (By the way there were at least 4 other large vehicles picking up at the same time as me, questioning where to go at the Edison Street exit since we could not take the main entrance)  So I suggest unless you want a lot of drunk drivers in future years and possible drunk driving deaths, you should maybe allow and area (like the veterans round-about) for people to pull in drop / pick up and loop around out.  It was very frustrating for everyone and chaotic...but I would have been VERY upset if I had lost friends or family to the lack of the ability to pick them up and they drove and were hurt or killed, in my opinion a huge liability.  Other than that, everything was fantastic and I look forward to next year.  Thank you.

If you would like more info or have questions please feel free to contact me.

Ammie Woolery

Hello from Florida,
This is Bob Klenner from Altamonte Springs, Florida. My wife an I came to the Tri-Cities Water Follies in 2007 and really enjoyed ourselves. That was our first time live at an Unlimited Hydroplane race. We liked the races so much that this year we went to the Madison Regatta, 3 weeks ago.

Glad to see Jean Theoret was able to get back behind the wheel of the U-37. We were all very concerned.

Thanks so much for showing this on the internet, so we all can see the races.
I won't say who I'm routing for, but.... "EAT MORE BEEF JERKY"!!!! 

Bob Klenner
Altamonte Springs, Florida

My name is John Howe and I`m a long time hydro racing fan living in Miami, where years ago the Unlimited`s raced. I just want to thank you guys for web casting the event there in Tri-Cities! I, and I know many others do too, really appreciate your live coverage!!! Good luck to all the racers and go the ORANGE JUGGERNAUT U-16!!!

Thank you all!!!

Thanks for the great coverage by KNDU. It's cool to watch the race and hear the call by Steve and Mark, all the way from Owensboro, KY.

Keep up the great work. Go Piston Power U-3!!

Kirk Duncan

I have lived in the area all of my life and have never had the opportunity to see the races in person. I am disabled and have a very rough time taking in these kinds of activities. But, I look forward to being able to watch the races on TV. I am grateful that you broadcast the races for those of us that are not able to attend. For that I thank you. I am watching on the TV and streaming online. And I am a little disappointed about the picture quality.

Thank you again for making it possible for me to see the races.

Words cannot describe how pleased I am to watch the KNDU streaming to my laptop to my TV!!! In Portland, at home, in my recliner, sipping iced tea and watching the Columbia Cup. 

I first attended the Tri-Cities races in 1974 for the Gold Cup.  Attended with temps over 108. Attended after waking at 3:00 am, driving from Portland, arriving when gates opened at 7:00 am, watching the race until 5:00 and being back home by 9:00 pm.  More enjoyable when kids were old enough to make a weekend out of it! Water Park! Arts Festival!

The helicopter shots are a great addition!

Thanks for the broadcast!
Ralph Saperstein
Portland, OR 97223

Hi Scott and Christine from Eddie in Cle Elum.  Wish I was there.

I remember WAYY back when, my Father was a crane operator and before safety was a really big deal I got to sit on the crane with my dad when they would load the boats in and our of the river. 
My sister and I after that race was over we where lucky enough to sit in the U-52 good lord that was a long time ago...
your doing a great job have a great day
Rev Tam

Thank you for broadcasting on SWX so I can watch the hydro races from Spokane, since I can't be there this weekend.

Brett Trescott

Good job guys, After 42 years down there was nice to set home in Air conditioning and watch it.

Art Blum

Responding (kind of) to the Chip Hanauer post card, but if I'm one of  20, pass mine onto someone else. I have sports memorabilia coming out the ears. Included is a controversial hydro button from like 1976 or so that the band Barney Armstrong Review commissioned me to make when they sponsored one of Chip's first unlimited rides, the Barney Armstrong  Machine. All the collectors were miffed at me but it was a legit deal. Anyway, love watching the Columbia Cup coverage. Used to go all the  time from, 1968 thru about 1982 as a fan and then hit or miss as the motor sports reporter for the Spokesman Review from 1987 thru 2007.  Followed Spokane's Tom Hindley for a while, including his near fatal crash in TC in, what 1996-97? Good Hanauer trivia that is not related to hydros. Chip and my wife, Melanie (a 33 year vet. school teacher) went to WSU together and she remembers him being in one of her classes. Well while with the  Spokesman, I interview Chip prior to the Col. Cup one year and Chip began his career as a teacher in a behavioral room, all the orangoutangs you know? He told me after one year he quit to go race hydroplanes because he thought the environment was more safe. Of course those were the days before enclosed cockpits and all. Before the deaths of Muncey and Chenoweth and all.

Again, great to see the races from here in Spokane.

Best Regards,

Paul Delaney