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150 surgeons worldwide in Tri-Cities for conference

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RICHLAND, Wash--  Close to 150 surgeons worldwide are in the Tri-Cities, playing student, and learning of a new way to fix fractured bones.

"We're teaching how to take care of a broken femur," says doctor Lewis Zirkle, founder of SIGN.  "They treat more fractures than we do here and they know more about treating fractures.   And we have the technology to help them express their skills and treat the poor, we're just interested in treating the poor."

The conference is put on by SIGN, or Surgical Implant Generation Network.  For some, it's perfecting their craft.

"Some points I know what I'm doing, and I get a lot of tips and tricks of the trade," says one doctor that travelled from India.

For others, it's a new process.  But almost all can agree, it's a universal craft that could change lives.

"This is important because of the limitied facilities," says Professor Lawrence Museru, M.D. from Tanzania.  "Usually we don't have the luxury of having a wide range of implants.   Now with this one implant, we are able to use it for almost all fractures of the femur."