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Tri-Cities man wins big award

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RICHLAND, Wash--  About three months ago, brothers Troy and Rodney Wright were cleaning a gun when it accidentally went off, hitting younger brother Rodney in the leg.  He hit a major artery and was within seconds of dying due to blood loss.

That's when big brother Troy stepped in, and with his 20 years of medical training kept Rodney alive fast enough for the ambulance to show up.  That's why he was awarded the John C. Darrington City Medallion for going above and beyond the call.  But he doesn't think of himself as a hero.

"I would've done it for anyone else," says Troy.  "It just happened to be my brother, and I'm just blessed I knew what to do."

"My brother's my hero," says Rodney.  "I'm just glad he had the training that he's had.  If anyone's deserving of the hero of the year award, it's him.  I owe him my life."

So just how rare is this honor?  Only a half a dozen or so were given out by city officials last year, and Troy is just one of two non-city employees to be given the honor.