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Teachers Unions Oppose Initiative 1033

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Kennewick, WA- Labor unions representing school teachers in the Tri-Cities are urging voters to reject Initiative 1033.

The Washington Education Association says the initiative would mean school budgets statewide would lose another six billion dollars.

Kennewick Education Association President Mary Shaw says education would fall into a hole from which it could never climb out.

"The cuts that happen as a result of initiatives like this do irreparable harm to the kids that we serve."

Initiative 1033 would cap city, county and state revenues to annual inflation and population growth. Any revenue over the limit would go toward lowering property taxes.

Initiative author Tim Eyman says it would force legislators to be fiscally responsible.

"From 1993 through 2005, we lived under these same limits that are proposed under 1033 and we didn't have these huge budget deficits exactly because we instilled fiscal discipline on government," Eyman says.

Eyman says recent polls show 60-percent of voters are in favor of the initiative.