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Ellensburg company harnesses the wind installing residential wind turbines

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ELLENSBURG, Wash.-- The wind farms near Ellensburg can be seen for miles and it's inspiring homeowners across Kittitas County. Residential turbines are popping up all over thanks to a new company.

"Right now we can do it in about four hours so a home owner can leave for work come back in the evening and have a wind turbine installed," said Lauren Venera, Central Wind Energy.

But, most home owners stay and watch as the 15,000 pound base goes into the ground. Some homeowners want to go green, others hope to offset their electricity costs. For homeowner Dick Mundy, this turbine may even out his bill month to month.

"So even in the spring when the wind blows like crazy here we'll get credit for that even if we don't use that much," said Mundy.

Central Wind Energy installs the turbine and an electrical company does the wiring.

Homeowners can choose from 34, 45 or 60 feet options. Pricing varies from $13,000 to $15,000.

More and more people are catching the wind trend, so far Central Wind Energy has installed 17 turbines and they're working on permits for others.  

"It's kind of ironic that here we are putting this thing up today and it's not a windy day. It's been blowing like crazy for the last week," said Mundy.

Depending on where you live the residential turbine can offset 25% to all of your electricity costs. Now homeowners can harness the wind. For more information on Central Wind Energy go to the Web site: www.centralwind.net