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Cash for Clunkers aftermath hits the Tri-Cities.

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"We've definitely felt a little difference in the traffic flow hear at the dealership," Toyota sales manager Guy Adams said.

A 30 percent difference actually. All after Cash for Clunkers Ended, but Adams, along with the rest of the Toyota crew say they aren't too surprised.

"We didn't think the business was going to stay that way," he said.

He was right, the business did not stay that way. Cash for Clunkers just about doubled sales at most dealerships, but Adams and other managers say there is one area that's doing better after the nearly two month long event.

"I don't think it brought out that SUV and truck buyer because it didn't benefit them as much," Adams said.

"It's a total switch from selling inexpensive cars to now moving on to trucks," Legacy Ford sales manager Cliff Smith said.

Smith says the switch to truck season keeps him busy.

"Most of the trucks just came in because we got down to where we only had about 20," Smith said.

Both managers agree that even with the drop in fuel efficient car sales, the increase in truck and SUV sales is enough to keep the business running well, and at the end of the day, they say there's only one thing that really matters.

"Making deals every day, trying to get people a vehicle they want is what we do," Smith said.