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Tri-City Americans Yuen: A Master Piano Player

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- We can all see the talents Ams players have when they step onto the ice but what about their talents once the game ends. Rookie Zachary Yuen has a unique skillset beyond the ice.

The pressures of a 1st year hockey player can be overwhelming: new coach, new teammates, and a new family. But, 16-year-old Yuen possesses a certain talent that helps him escape the daily grind of the rink. He is a master piano player.

"It's calming," said Yuen. "You're not working too hard, but you're into the piece and it just takes you out of everything else."

It has always been the piano for Yuen. His sister played it and he followed in her footsteps by playing the sticks in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. However, he has yet to grace the Tri-Cities with his piano skills.

"I heard he is unbelievable," said Ams Captain Jarrett Toll. "But, I haven't been able to see him play yet. Hopefully, one day we can see what he can do."

"I'm looking forward to seeing it at the hotel," said Ams Head Coach Jim Hiller. "We haven't had a hotel that when you walk in, it has a piano. When we get the piano there, we'll make sure he hits the piano. It's my favorite instrument. I got my kids involved in the piano. I'm waiting to hear him play for us one time."

It may be sooner than you think coach.

"A couple guys play guitar and maybe some day we can jam away to a song," said Yuen.

In the meantime, he plays songs from his favorite composer Beethoven while preparing himself for his true love: the ice.

"It's a lot of fun and it's a team game," said Yuen "It's fun to be around the guys."