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The Science of Scary

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MESA, Wash--  Scare is in the air.  You can hear your heart beating before even stepping foot into a haunted house, but just how fast is it *really* going?

We set out to see the terrifying effects the spook factor has on our body, so we put a heart monitor on 14 year-old Taylor Riker and let her walk through the mansion of terror.

The pictures are too scary to show.  But the screams paint the horror.

"It was really scary and I screamed a million times," she says.  When asked how fast her heart was beating she answered, "pretty fast.   Very fast actually."

As for the test results, they show just how terrified our bodies *really* were.

"The normal heart rate runs from 60-100 beats per minute," explains registered nurse Clark Gustafson, who works at John Farrar, MD.  "The lowest heartrate on here was 72 bpm and the max was 162.   That's over double what it was at rest."

Science can show us what a haunted house can do to our heart.  As for using our heads, Gustafson said: "you're the one that did it, you're the one that wanted to be scared."