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Health District Tips for a Virus-Free Halloween

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KENNEWICK, Wash--  As kids get dressed up and ready for Saturday's hunt for candy, one of the last things on their mind may be staying healthy.

But this year, the health district is dishing out its own bag of goodies-- tips to keep the swine flu from hitting *you.*

"This time of year we worry about the monsters out there, but we forget about the ones we can't see with our eyes.   The germ monsters we're talking about we recommend washing your hands," explains Susan Shelton with the Benton Franklin Health District.

And washing your hands as much as you can halloween night.  Which brings us to the next halloween tip.

"One of the basics is you don't leave the bowl out, you hand them the candy.   That way they don't have a good chance to contaminate the product you're giving children."

The Health District also says eat before you go out, that way kids don't spread germs while eating on the road.