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Kennewick High Bowling

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For many of us bowling is just a hobby.  You head over to the lanes with some of your friends, knock a few pins over, and enjoy some laughs.  However, some girls at Kennewick High have perfected the art of the roll.  Currently the girls bowling team is two and oh, and the coach knows its all about the proper mindset.

Head Bowling Coach Oscar Garnica said, "80 percent of it is starting to work on the girls mentality.  Constantly let them know they are ok, its ok to make mistakes.  There out there and they want to make a strike every signal time, but that's not what bowling is about, and that's my job."

Relaxing and having fun is part of the sport.  The other part involves being a good teammate and learning from others.

Senior Bowler Whitney McGary said, "Being teach-able.  You have to open up your mind and you can't just do what you think is right.  Because what you think is right might not necessarily be right for everyone else."

After watching these girls bowl I decided its time to perfect my bowling game, and coach gave me some valuable pointers involving maintaining rhythm on the lanes.  It should be noted that bowling is much tougher than it looks.

I tried taking the advice from coach, but even with my smooth dance moves I could only knock down one pin.  I think that may have been my dance score out of ten. 

In the end the girls at Kennewick High bowled me over with their skills, and I left with a better appreciation for the game of bowling.

Joe Gorchow.  Local Sports.