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Behind the Scenes of My Favorite Book With Rodney Atkins and Colbie Caillat

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Country Singer-Songwriter Rodney Atkins and Pop Singer-Songwriter Colbie Caillat are the newest celebrities to be featured on Success By 6 "My Favorite Book" spots.

Atkins, who is known for his songs "Watching You," "It's America," and "These are My People," is the father of an eight-year-old son, Elijah. And there was no question what his favorite book is to read to his boy.

"My favorite book to read to my little boy Elijah is the "Little Bear" books- that's how we started reading and he just fell in love with the character and the explorations the guys go through and the friendship and the family and the hanging together," said Atkins. "He's kinda past the first stages of reading now, but he is absolutely in love with reading books."

The Little Bear books were so important to Rodney's son that Elijah acquired the nickname "Little Bear." And with Dad being a songwriter, it ended up in his song "Watching You."

 "In the song that I wrote about my son it says ‘my little bear is growin' up.' And it comes from him being little and he loved the Little Bear books. So I sang that line for him and that's his nickname."

Atkins stresses the importance of being a good example as a reader to his son.

"I think it's so important to read to our kids, just for their imagination to who them reading is cool," he said. "For him to just see me reading a book will make him start reading- he'll ask me to read to him. It went from me reading the stories to him, to him reading back to me. I could just see his development and his excitement just grow in a short period of time."

 Pop singer Colbie Caillat remembers a children's classic as her favorite book growing up. "Charlotte's Web" holds a special place in her heart.

"I love how Charlotte was telling these stories about everyone on the farm and Wilbur, the cutest little pig. Everyone on the farm, all the animals were friends and they helped out," she recalled. "It just brings back memories of my childhood when my mom would read with me."

Another book Colbie remembers clearly is "The Little Engine that Could."

"My parents would have me read it back to them when I was younger, and when we were reading this, my mom would read me a chapter or a page, and I would have to read her a paragraph or a page or a chapter. It was nice because it made me enjoy it listening to her read it, but I also got to learn and read and get comfortable reading in front of someone."

Colbie, who is best known for her hit song "Bubbly," says those early stories mold who you are as a person.

"I think that reading stories when you're younger, it really helps you grow to be that person and have these memories and visions in your mind to be able to be able to write about or express in songwriting or painting or storytelling."

"I think it's very important for parents to read to their children, because first of all, it builds that bond with you and your child," Colbie said. "Thinking back to my childhood and those memories of my mom reading to me, getting to hear her voice and her inflections- just drawing the picture of the how the story actually is in my mind, it's a beautiful thing and I hope every child gets to have that with their parent.