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Yakima fighter conquers outside the cage

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Some are just born to battle in the ring.  From an early age Rich Guerin had to be a fighter.  His childhood was difficult.  From when he was five years of age to 12, his father went through five divorces.  In the last of those marriages during his childhood, the step mother's abusiveness, sent him on a path of uncertainty.
Rich Guerin said, "I wasn't able to handle that situation there...

I asked, "Did she hit? Did she scream?"

He responded, "A little of everything...or a lot of everything."

I then asked, "So she drove you away?"

His response, "Yea...yea...and I didn't want to go live with family and I didn't want to be a burden to anybody."
At 15 he ventured out on his own and was emancipated.  Meaning after school hours he had to work.    A gentlemen whom he ended up working for, now a Yakima local preacher named Tom Lawson, mentored him.
Guerin said, "School sports were now done...and I ran track and I wrestled...those could no longer be outlets for me.  At the time a lot of things I couldn't do with my own dad...I'd say I owe a lot of the good things I've done in my life to Tom."
He is currently 39 years old and has been fighting for nearly 12 years.  His record on the MMA circuit is 53 and 9, and despite being in the twilight of his career he refuses to leave the cage.

Guerin said, "I just have a strong desire to compete, and I'm not gonna lie I enjoy fighting...not per say street fighting.  But I enjoy the thrill...the rush...the whatever you ant to call it in getting that cage and fighting."