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Yakima pawnshop business is so good, customers line up outside

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YAKIMA, Wash.- Owners of Ed and Moe's Pawnshop say the last three weeks have been busier than ever with people trading their goods for loans. Friday was a different story, they experienced their own version of "Black Friday."

"This morning from about eight thirty to noon we were just absolutely beseeched by people they were waiting at the door to get in here," said Paul Plughoff, the owner.

"Quite a lot of people waiting and we were helping them as they came in, it was busy," said Jesus Rosales, an employee.

Employees say the room was filled with people looking for deals. While popular holiday items like DVDs or electronics were big, it was jewelry or gold that attracted most customers.

"With the dollar going down everybody's looking for gold so we've had a lot of people buying jewelry, I think they're putting it under their pillow," said Plughoff.

"They wanted to get present for their kids, some for their wives," said Rosales.

Business has picked up so much inventory is low, which employees say is actually a good thing.

"Most everything we have now is being picked up by the people so it gives us a plus for the economy here in town it's moving right now," said Plughoff.

Employees say they see dozens of people daily asking for loans. Once items are put on display, they usually sell by the end of that day.