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Preparing lawnmowers for winter

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KENNEWICK, Wash--  Store your lawnmower, leaf blower, any motorized garden tool, and you *could* find some heavy damage to the engine come spring time. 

In the spring, the Farmers Exchange Shop in Kennewick has a bunch of equipment hanging up, much of it waiting to be serviced.

But there's a way to protect yourself from having to turn in your lawnmower to the repair shop, and that's emptying the gas tank before you store it in the shed in the winter.  Overtime, the fuel can eat away at the inside of the engine.

It's not something we often times think of, but repair shop workers say it's very important.

"Surprisingly, people don't think about it and that's one of the reasons why we advertise our programs, to get it in the back of people's minds," says Les Evans with the Farmers Exchange Shop.  "It's a real simple thing to do, you just don't think about it.  You think 'I'm done mowing and the lawnmower goes away and that's there is to it.'"

Evans says his shop has special deals this time of year for anyone that wants to prepare their equipment for hhibernation