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Like massages - how about a foot massage?

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If the holidays are stressing you out maybe a massage could help, but this is not your everyday massage.

It's called Ashiatsu, or more simply, a bare foot massage. It focuses on deep compressions and relieving those sore muscles and tense shoulders many of us feel after a long day of work.

"I was looking for something different to offer the Tri-Cities because a lot of these unusual modalities are only found on the west side," Renae Morrow, licensed massage practitioner and owner of Body 'N' Balance in Richland said.

Morrow started giving bare foot massages about four years ago. She says traditional ones can be limiting when someone really needs those muscle kinks worked out. Moreover, the phrase 'walking all over you' is considered a good thing in Morrow's eyes and about 30 percent of her clients are currently signing up for it.

"It puts a good use to my body mechanics and I can add and take away pressure much easier with my feet than I can with my hands."

*You can sign up for a session by calling Renae Morrow: 509-946-1001

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