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Twist of Fate: The Ronny Coleman Story

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      His love for high school athletics cannot be measured.  Since 1993, Ronny Coleman has been an active participant in the Tri-Cities sports community.  His reward for his dedication, becoming an Athletic Director for the very first time last year. 

      The school offering that opportunity, Kennewick High.  As with any new job there were obstacles to overcome.  After his first full year running the show, Coleman thought his toughest challenges were behind him.

     Coleman said, "After that first year...that's just that learning process...and all that.  Now we are going to get we go you know."

     On August 20th, the man who once stood seven feet tall was paralyzed from the waist down.  Coleman suffered a spinal stroke, and had to face the inevitability of never being able to stand again.

     Coleman's reaction to the paralysis, "Holy Cow I got to be in a wheel chair.  There is always the shock...geez your paralyzed what do you do now?  And you know that...what I do next to get out of this chair.  I'm too busy.  I got too much stuff to be sitting around in a wheelchair."

     The stroke forced Coleman to take a leave of absence from this Athletic Director duties.  This way he could focus on one single mission, being able to stand on his own two feet.

     Coleman said, "It's never occurred to me that I am going to be in this thing forever.  And maybe it will know...happen.  But I'm certainly working really hard try to do some resemblance of walking again.  Even if it's just across the room...or with crutches...a walker...whatever it takes to be upright."

     He does plan to return to the lion's den as Athletic Director.  IN the meantime you can catch Ronny on the sidelines of Kennewick Lion home basketball games.  Roaring just as loud as he did before. 

     Ronny Coleman hopes to get back to running the athletic department in the near future.  He says he is grateful for all the support from the community, his family, and most of all his wife.