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Memorial for boy killed in bike accident

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RICHLAND, Wash.--  A ten-year-old Kennewick boy is laid to rest.

Last week, Joel Diaz was killed in a tragic bike accident; his funeral and memorial was today.

Friends and family say he had a glint in his eye, a zest for life and tragically it's there no longer.

So how exactly did an otherwise healthy boy die? His family says an ultrasound done at Kadlec Regional Medical Center came back negative; but an initial autopsy showed significant internal injuries.

Citing federal privacy laws, Kadlec cannot give any more information.

"Certainly our thoughts and prayers are with the family," said Kadlec spokesperson, Jim Hall. "We've reached out to the family to offer to share with them whatever information we can."

The family says they believe Kadlec did everything they could to help Joel. Today nearly a hundred gathered at his funeral.

Through it all, his parents and siblings have stayed emotionally strong.

"The family's been amazingly strong because of their faith," said Louis Diaz, Joel's uncle. "But also times of tears because having loved Joel and have been loved by Joel."

"What allows our family to have a lot of strength is to know he's with God," said Erik Diaz, Joel's older brother. "God has a plan for all of us and that he's in control of our lives."

But even though they have the strength to move on, they already deeply miss their son and brother.

"One time I heard him but it wasn't actually him it was just a voice in my mind," said Joel's younger brother, Evan. "One time i saw something and I wanted to go tell Joel but then I remembered [he's gone.]"

The coroner hasn't determined exactly what caused Joel's death other than internal injuries.

More tests still need to be done, but those results aren't expected for months.