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All In the Name: The Boedingheimer Boy's

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"Boe Dog Heimer... Boating Heemer... Boating Homer... Boating Weimer."

Colton Boedingheimer said, "All we know it's the house of Boed."

The trio of Boedigheimer's at Hermiston consists of two brothers.  Alex whose a Senior... younger brother Austin whose a Junior and out with injury...  and then cousin Colton whose also is a Senior.  Although their last name may seem unique... coach reassures me its not.

Boy's head coach Larry Usher said, "Everywhere we go people seem to think it's uncommon and we don't understand, because the name Boedigheimer around here is as common as the name Smith anywhere else."

Coach you cannot be serious... considering the opposition's public address announcers struggle with the house of Boed.


Head coach Larry Usher added, "The opposing schools announcers... their PA announcers always wants to go through it five... six ... seven times and... "


ALEX:  The third... fourth... and fifth time it's like come on man.
AUSTIN: Call a timeout maybe and just...
COLTON: Go over there

This is the first and last season all three will play varsity ball together.  Right now the team stands at 3-6 in conference play, and needs to win out to have a shot at the postseason. 

ALEX: "The playoffs are riding on the line here.  We got to win and we got to take care of our home games here."

COLTON: We also just want to have fun... It's all about team effort."

No matter the outcome this Friday against Summitt High School.  The Boedigheimer boy's enjoy playing together, and offer advice for future parents. 

AUSTIN: "I recommend to any parents out there, have your kids really close together.  Maybe have five of them and they can all start.  That's my goal."