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Kamiakin students learn Life 101

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KENNEWICK, Wash.--  At Southridge, Kennewick and Kamiakin High School, students are learning how to live life; learning money management, and how to get a job.

Call it "Life 101," and it's offered for all Kennewick School District seniors before they graduate. Here they learn life skills like balancing their bank account, how to buy a used car, pay rent and make a resume.

"We've learned how to make resumes and reference sheets," says senior, Jordin Brader. "So we can get jobs and I've been trying to get a job lately and I didn't have either of those so I haven't been able to get one."

It might not be riveting, but it's essential to help them stay out of debt and succeed on their own.

"Because these are things I am going to need next year when I'm out of high school and am in college," says senior, Sarah Burger. "For when I get on my own and I'm not going to learn it anywhere else."

"It's all stuff that people talk about but never really show you what to do," says senior, Alissa Wilson. "So its pretty useful info to have."

And if they don't do well on a project, they only get a bad grade, not a bad credit score.

"I don't have to find out on my own or the hard way when I mess up," says Burger.