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New Bill makes talking on cell while driving a primary offense

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OLYMPIA, Wa--We've all seen it. Someone blabbing away on their cell phone while driving down the road. Well lawmakers are hoping now that the days of people talking and driving are finally over.

If Governor Christine Gregoire signs Senate Bill 6345 into law, it would be a primary offense to even be holding a cell phone to your ear when you're behind the wheel. Even if it looks like you are reading or writing a text, you can get pulled over and ticketed.

The current law has talking and driving as a secondary offense, which only tacks on an extra fine if you're pulled over for something else, like speeding. But the sponsor of Senate Bill 6345, Senator Tracey Eide, says that hasn't changed the habits of drivers.

She hopes if Senate Bill 6345 becomes law, the roads will finally be safe. The only time it would be okay to use your cell phone while driving is for an emergency. And, like the current law, you can still use a hands free device like a bluetooth. But another change that drivers would see if Gregoire signs the bill; anybody with an intermediate license or learners permit can't even use a bluetooth to talk on the phone.

Senator Eide says she hopes it's finally time that drivers hang up their phones and focus on their driving.