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Car accident victim speaks about safe driving

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RICHLAND, Wash.--  A man who almost died in a car accident was in the Tri-Cities Tuesday reminding teenagers about safe driving.

Tyler resell visited Hanford High School to talk to students about the importance of keeping their eyes on the road.  About 10 years ago, when Presnell was 15-years-old, he was riding with a friend who was driving fast and joy-riding on a fast and curvy road and hit a pole going 70 miles per hour.  Everyone in the car was injured, Presnell the worst.  He had severe internal bleeding, broken bones, and a serious brain injury.  He's had more than 20 surgeries and has 13 feet of scars all over his body.

Presnell says he doesn't want this to happen to anyone else and stressed the fact that it's not hard to drive safely.  "Respect life, respect the road... Think about what can happen between point A and point B, not just getting to point B," he says.

Presnell says you hear every day not to talk on your phone or text while driving, but it's important to speak up if your friend is doing that or driving too fast or dangerously.  He says he wishes he told his friend to slow down ten years ago.