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Two Yakima Teens Take a Golden Risk

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Yakima, WA--  If you fail to capitalize on an opportunity, you may spend the rest of your life wondering what might have been.  Two Yakima teenagers took a chance in luge.  A risk that paid in gold.

     The journey to the top for 13 year olds Breanna Rosencrance and Caroline Govette began in November of 2007.  A slider search for lugers took place at Ski White Pass.  Anyone, even with no experience could give it a go.

     Rosencrance stated, "It looked like a lot of fun, and you know I've always been into the roller coasters, the heights, high speed things.  Just anything that looks exciting, and looks like a new adventure."

    Govette said, "I always liked going really fast.  I'm all hyper and ready to go."

     At the time both Breanna and Caroline were 11.  Each went onto to receive letters to join the Junior National Development Team.  A team that takes both girls away from friends and family for weeks at a time for national competions.

     Govette said, "If you have a problem you have to take care of it, because your parents aren't always there for you.  So that was the big thing, learning how to be by yourself.  Going across the country."

     Rosencrance said, "But now I'm kind of used to it, and I've learned to adjust and just go with the flow."
    In a National competition in 2009, Breanna took gold in the Women's B division.  This winter in Lake Placid, she took bronze in the A division.  Caroline to gold in the B.

    Rosencrance said, " I saw the competition and I was just like you know... I want that medal."

    Govette said on her gold winning run: "I was just like make sure just to have a clean good run.  And so then once I came down I was pretty happy and satisfied."

    Rosencrance added, "It's cool to see Washington girls have taken the title years in a row in youth B."

     These 13 year olds certainly throw caution into the wind when sledding down ice, by reaching speeds up to 65 miles per hour. KNDU/KNDO asked both girls of the possibility of being on the US winter Olympic team in 2014, and both would consider it a dream come true.