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Employment trends in the Tri-Cities

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KENNEWICK; Wash-- The search for work continues for people all across America and here in the Tri-Cities.

It's a rough economy with people hoping to find jobs and some new data from local employment web sites show job opportunities have decreased by almost half since 2007.

Worksource here in the Tri-Cities pulled some numbers and found that even though there are fewer jobs available now than a few years ago, employers are starting to hire more full time employees rather than just part time.

Another trend seems to be the people they are hiring. A job once given to someone with minimal experience is now going to those who are overqualified.

<The competition is even heavier for those who's skill levels are right on for those jobs with those who are overqualified. It's what we call a business market because they can decide certainly if they can get an overqualified person at a lesser wage, there are benefits to their company to do that," explains Candice Bluechel with Worksource Columbia Basin.

Bluechel says obvious benefits include having more experienced people in certain job positions, but on the flip side, people may report less work satisfaction because they are bored or have already done similar jobs years ago.

However here at Worksource, employees say they expect to see things level off a bit as more people get hired for agriculture jobs.