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Yakima Minutemen Disband but Grassroots Fill the Void

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Last week the national minuteman group disbanded and yesterday the Yakima branch decided to do the same.

But there is another group that for the last few years has focused on many of the same themes; they are against illegal immigration.  They are called the "Grassroots of Yakima Valley."

Grass Roots leader Bob West says, "If you're going to be in this area and you want to join a local group and you want to fight illegal immigration, then Grass Roots of Yakima Valley is the only remaining organization."

In fact, because grass roots has protested and rallied with groups like the Minutemen, and tea partiers, many former Minutemen have already joined them.

When they began, Grass Roots' only purpose was to fight illegal immigration.  But recent changes in America have expanded their mission.

According to West, "As we saw the wild spending coming from Washington DC and the move toward socialism, this isn't just Obama, it started out with Bush, he added significantly to the deficit."

We can expect to hear Grass Roots members saying more of this tomorrow.  Senator Patty Murray will be speaking at a luncheon Thursday and a protest is planned to greet her.

Senator Murray will get a rally as well.  Community activist Luz Gutierrez supports Murray and feels the conservative protestors divide the community.

"I think this community struggles so much to be more inclusive. These type of things polarize the community more", Gutierrez explains.

Both sides are inviting their supporters to come out to either protest or rally behind Patty Murray tomorrow between 11:30 and 1:15pm in front of the Red Lion Downtown.