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Ticks and fleas on your pets

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KENNEWICK; Wash -- It's a type of illness all pet owners need to know about, fleas and ticks.

And veterinarians say it's a growing problem in the Tri-cCties.

Ticks and fleas are very commonly seen on dogs. It's rare for cats.

This time of year is when ticks start to show up and doctors say the problem continues to grow, especially this year because of an unusually warm winter.

Ticks can be found mostly in tall grass. If your pet likes to roam around Hover Park or Two Rivers Park be aware of the possible exposure.

A tick bite can be fatal or cause tick paralysis in pets.

"Even just from one tick bite, the patient can go down and become paralyzed and it's typically reversible once the tick is gone. But particularly on a long hair dog, it may be very difficult to find even though the tick is there. So you're presented with a paralyzed patient that you really don't know that's happening," explains Dr. Robert Privette from Vista Veterinary Hospital.

The good news is tick bites can be remedied. If you find a tick, you can usually pluck it off your dog with tweezers, but if the tick has taken a bite it's best to seek medical help.

There are antibiotics that should help cure your pet.