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Health officials investigate home remedies containing lead

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YAKIMA, Wash.- The State Department of Health is getting a $96,000 grant to investigate home remedies containing lead.

People are using two powders called Azarcon and Greta to self medicate against stomach-aches and diarrhea. The powders contain lead and serious health risks.

Every month, children are testing positive for having lead in their blood. Nurses say parents are giving their kids these home remedies to cure their indigestion and stomach aches. The yellow and red powders are Azarcon and greta and have a high concentration of lead.

Nurses say this cure is common in the Latino community and most families don't know the risks.

"It can cause damage to the brain and nervous system, we've had children who have become disabled due to the elevated blood levels," said Gerri Miller, a public health nurse.

Nurses say the powders are sold throughout the Yakima Valley. Nurses want families to know the lead powders increase blood levels and often times, children don't get any symptoms until they are already too sick.

Nurses and health leaders will use the grant money to continue educating more families about the health risks.