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Interview with Ams Head Coach Jim Hiller after Gm. 6 Win

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Kennewick, WA--

    After Sunday night's victory KNDU's Joe Gorchow had a chance to speak to head coach Jim Hiller.  Here's a little bit of that conversation:

Jim Hiller: Outstanding Joe.  We started a little slow first seven or eight minutes, but then again we were passionate... we were tenacious... And made big plays. 

Joe Gorchow: Has it sunk in yet that this Americans team has accomplished something that has never been accomplished before in franchise history.

Jim Hiller:  I believe so.  I mean we're really... I can speak for Terry... We're just really proud of players.  It's just so hard Joe.  Great league.  Great players.  Great Coaches.  So hard to get this far... And just sticking with it... And believing in each other.  People doubted us, but we never doubted ourselves.  I think we've gotten through that, and we just used internal strength and belief.  Specifically in the second half when others doubted us...

Joe Gorchow: Let's turn our attention towards Western Conference Finals MVP Drew Owsley.  How special has he been this postseason.

Jim Hiller:  He's been good all year.  There's been nights where he hasn't been as good.  Everybody has those nights... It's magnified at that position.  There's no surprise here that he's been as good as he is.  We trust in him... We believe in him.  Every time he's been average he's been great the next night.  That he's pretty much defined himself as a goaltender that's a starter in the western hockey league.

Joe Gorchow:  Coach... What did you tell the players before tonight's big game knowing history was at stake?

Jim Hiller:  You know what... I'll tell you this.  I've always believed this.  You got to believe in yourself... And believe in one another.  That's the most important part of it.  We can talk about a lot of different things, more than anything it comes down to that.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in one another.  Try to do the right things.  Good things will happen.

Joe Gorchow:  Now I know we talked about this after Game 5 coach... That now is the time for the Americans to win.  Can you sense it... Do you believe it?

Jim Hiller: We'll we've done that so far.  I really have.  And we talked about it at the press conference in the Western Conference Finals that as much respect as we have for Vancouver... This is our time and our year.  I have a tremendous amount of belief in our players... Our goal now is Calgary.