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Love for the Track: The Tim Adams Story

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Kennewick, WA-- 

     The Bloomsday race in Spokane draws over 50-thousand runners every year, and for 32 of the runs 34 years in existence.  Our own Tim Adams has been at the starting line.  Tim will be there on Sunday for this year's race, we let him tell you why he loves it so much.

    Here's the Tim Adams story told by Tim Adams himself:

     Hello.  My name is Tim Adams and I'm a runner.  I have to get my fix almost everyday.  I've had people around me say... Oh cranky hey... Hadn't had your run yet today maybe.  Kind of a hint that I might need to go get out.

     For me Bloomsday was kind of a life changer you know.  I was able to start out that second year, and I really took to running.  It wasn't like it was hard game and it was easy.  It didn't matter how fast you were, and you were all the sudden in the same race as world class athletes. 

     Through the years I kind of caught the bug and I've only missed two so far.  

     Aw... this is my first... My first year and of course you can see how skinny I was back then.  And the motto of the first few years were running for the health of it.  And there's a big blank spot right here where 2010 has got to go this year.  Wouldn't it be great to have 50.

     These shirts are all surprises.  Nobody gets to see what the shirt is for that year until you cross the finish line.  And you're exhausted.  You've run seven and a half miles.  Up hills.  Down hills.  Around rivers and over bridges.

     I've finish the race holding hands with my wife and my kids.  All of us crossing the finish line at the same time.  It's really pretty emotional.  Someday I'll even do it with grand kids... Who knows.