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Ellensburg 14-Year-old Takes Danger Head On in Motocross

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- Ask yourself this one question: Are you ready for high speeds and danger? One Ellensburg middle schooler embraces that question each time he rides on to the track.

Fear is part of motocross. Overcoming it is the other.

"You just kind of have to do it and put it in the back of your head," said 14-year-old Ryan Secondi.

Secondi began his life racing dirt bikes at age 8, racing at different levels and slowly developing a championship pedigree. In the past year, the 14-year-old has won 2 of the 3 major northwest series.

"This is a fabulous thing to teach him life skills," said Ryan's father, Dave. "It shows him how to be a good man, how to follow through, and about commitment."

Secondi is the youngest rider on the intermediate level, which leaves him one step away from racing on the pro circuit.

"It's definitely a motivator to be able to say I'm almost there, and there's people that are way older than me, and I'm closer to being pro than they are," Ryan said.

This middle schooler makes the grade in the classroom too, with a 3.2 GPA. He understands how important it is to translate that classroom work ethic to the track.

"If I go and make some stupid mistake out here it can be way more costly than just a bad grade," He said.

This multi-sport athlete plays football and wrestles but his heart is on the track. His next big race will be two weeks from Friday in Spokane.