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Turning Sport into History

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Richland, Wash--

Airsoft.  Considered by most as a hobby, and not to be confused with paint ball.  The mission from those who participate in this activity in this area is to reenact historical military battles.  We had a chance to catch up with some area teams who take part in these reenactments.

     Captain of team Jokers Bob Hall said, "Started out playing paint ball and it really wasn't what I wanted to play.  Wanted to think about something that's a little bit more tactical."

     Bob Hall is not the only one who feels this way.  Currently in the Tri-Cities two teams exist.  The Jokers and the Kings.

     Greg Schiebe said, "It's human nature you want to shoot something.  But no... It's the military aspect of it.  I have type 1 diabetes so I can't go into the military."

     There are countless events in the Northwest for these teams to participate in.  Whether it be in Spokane, Seattle, or Portland.  The thrill for each player in these games, is to feel like your in combat.

     Hall added, "There's the camaraderie aspect of it to you know.  You're just out with guys your depending on."

       Airsoft, according to participants is safer then paint ball.  Still priority one is safety.

      Hall said, "You've got a feet per second limit.  For instance if you're shooting over 400 feet per second you have a minimum engagement of 50 feet."

      Schiebe added, "Yea it can hurt pretty bad.  Sometimes it doesn't you know we wear a lot of clothing and stuff.  So depending where you get hit... It just bounces off, and you're like dang I'm hit."

     Both teams take part in military simulation events roughly four or five times a year.  But most of the time, you can catch right here on this field on the weekends outside of Columbia Park and Leslie road.  Preaching safety first and fun second.