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Blood Clots concern doctors

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As many prepare for vacation season, doctors at Kennewick General Hospital are urging people to pay attention to their legs for signs of Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT.

DVT usually develops in the legs during trips where people often sit for long periods of time.

 Doctors say it can develop in other parts of the body also and in other situations too like directly after surgery. One surgeon tell us it's more common in people who are obese, have poor circulation, or have just come out of surgery. It's something doctors say they must monitor closely.

"We always worry about someone developing a blood clot, especially after they've had an operation and what we try to do is we try to mobilize them as soon as much as we can," Dr. Steven Kincaid. "We have them wear support hose. We have sequential suppression devices that we try to keep on their legs to get the circulation going as soon as possible." 

Doctors say signs of DVT include an area of the leg becoming swollen, pain or tenderness which gets worse when standing, and red or discolored skin. But surgeons tell us the good news is, is that it's often preventable. When traveling long distances be sure to get up and move around every couple of hours.