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Official Statement from U-3 owner Ed Cooper, Jr.

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July 3, 2010

Ed Cooper, Jr. has been an APBA member since he joined the sport as an owner in 1985. 

"If we decide to participate in the remaining races, we would be more than happy to renew our membership in the APBA as the rulebook states. Since we chose not to race this weekend in Madison, we did not pay the dues to the APBA."

"We have no issue with the APBA, but we do have an issue with the way the H1 Unlimited rules are being administered by the H1 Chairman and Chief Referee." In a conference call of the owners last week, it was agreed upon by a 6-0 vote in favor of keeping the qualifying rules from 2009 in place. The current rule states that qualifying is to take place on Friday and Saturday, a total of 4 hours each day.

"With this vote to keep qualifying Friday and Saturday, I decided to participate in the race. On Friday afternoon, I was informed by the Chief Referee that it had been decided that only one day of qualifying would take place. Despite the rule change, we put an engine in the boat and qualified to give the fans the best possible show."

The combination of the burnt piston in the engine and the renegade interpretation of the rulebook, it led us to withdraw from the Madison Regatta.

We hope this issue resolves itself and we return to the 2010 H1 Unlimited tour soon.