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MADISON 2010: Kelly, Villwock, David, Myers win Sunday Unlimited Hydroplane heat races

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U-96 has trouble firing up in Heat 3B U-96 has trouble firing up in Heat 3B
Dave Villwock has to wait to be towed back to shore in Heat 3B Dave Villwock has to wait to be towed back to shore in Heat 3B
Madison, Indiana -

Madison, IND -
July 4, 2010

It's a hot and humid day in Madison, Indiana.  Race fans are ready for the season's first head-to-head pairing of veteran drivers Dave Villwock and Steve David in the two fastest boats in qualifying.  They square off in Heat 2B.

Heat 2A

Brian Perkins in the U-21 nailed the start and grabbed the lead  and stayed in the lead out of the first set of turns. J. Michael Kelly slipped by Perkins to take the lead at the end of lap one.

It turned into a two-boat race as Kelly and Perkins stayed within two boat lengths for the entire second lap. JW Myers settled into third. Kelly lengthened it out in the final lap, winning Heat 2A by about 5 boat lengths.

Kelly had some good boat speed throughout, with a top competition lap of 140.510 mph.

Heat 2A Results

  1. U7 Graham Trucking - J Michael Kelly
  2. U21 Albert Lee - Brian Perkins
  3. U37 Peters and May - JW Myers
  4. U25 Boyland Racing - Jon Zimmerman*
    * Started as trailer

    DNS. U100 Leland Racing - Greg Hopp

Heat 2B

Heat 2B featured a matchup between the two veterans, Dave Villwock and Steve David, and the two fastest boats, The U-1 and U-96. Jeff Bernard started in lane one, desperately needing points to make the final after a 4th place finish in his first heat due to power problems with the U-5.

Bernard nailed the start, but Villwock's boat speed propelled him quickly past Bernard to grab the lead. Villwock used the boat once in the lead to push Bernard and David wide. At the end of the first lap, David passed up Bernard to take second.

Bernard fought back, nipping David at the start line of lap two. Villwock lengthened out the lead to two roostertails. David tried to close the gap, cutting in a bit of Bernard, and appeared to lose some boat speed. It was a run to the finish line with Bernard nipping David at the end.

Heat 2B Results

  1. U-96 Spirit of Qatar – Dave Villwock
  2. U-5 – Jeff Bernard
  3. U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto – Steve David
  4. U-13 Spirit of Detroit – Cal Phipps*
    * Started as trailer
  5. U-22 Miss Broadway Tavern - Mike Webster

Heat 3A

J. Michael Kelly led the boats over the start line, but Steve David led the group into the turn, picking up a four boat lead coming out of the turn. Meanwhile, the U-13 and U-21 went dead in the water.

David never looked back, opening up a huge lead over Kelly. With clear water ahead for the U-1, David wrapped up 1st and the 400 points. Kelly took second. Brian Perkins got the U-21 fired up to finish third.

Heat 3A Results 

  1. U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto – Steve David
  2. U-7 Graham Trucking – J. Michael Kelly
  3. U-21 Miss Albert Lee – Brian Perkins

    DNF. Spirit of Detroit – Cal Phipps

Heat 3B

The U-96 had trouble firing up. Dave Villwock got stuck on the course, with the boat's engine smoking. That took Villwock out of the race as he was unable to get up on plane in time for the start.

Great two boat race right out of the shoot. Jeff Bernard went across the start line first, but JW Myers pass him up. The boats were going deck-to-deck throughout the first two laps, with Myers and Bernard trading positions several times. At the start of lap three, Bernard on the outside had a three boat lead over Myers. Myers tightened it up on the back stretch of lap three on the inside.

Coming out of the final turn, the two boats raced to the finish with Bernard holding on for the win.

Talk about a fast race, Jeff Bernard turned a 145+ mph lap on the second lap.  Both the U-5 and U-37 topped 143 mph in each lap.

UPDATE:  Jeff Bernard and the U-5 have been disqualified for a N2 violation.  It was a flagrant fuel violation.  Myers was awarded the win and Bernard lost all points for the heat.

Heat 3B Results

  1. U-37 Peters & May – JW Myers
  2. U-22 Broadway Tavern - Mike Webster

    DSQ. U-5 - Jeff Bernard
    DNS. U-96 Spirit of Qatar – Dave Villwock

"I tried to race as clean as possible," said Bernard.  "We had to actually run really hard there (against Myers)."

"It's fun when you can hook with someone like that," he said  "I could run those heats all day long, two boats side-by-side like that."

"It's just fun," said Myers.  "We put on a show, fans gets excited."