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Yakima homeowners want to see hundreds of wild cats removed

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YAKIMA, Wash.- After years, Bob Lesh is moving and not because he wants to but because he has to. His neighbor's home is infested with cats and covered with feces.

"Breathing is a very essential part of life and I spent several months lying right there near that window in a hospital bed because of that situation," said Lesh.

He is referring to unit 14. Neighbors say the owner feeds and houses about 100 cats inside, outside and even under her home.

"It's kind of an ammonia smell and it's terrible," said Dale Ellquisd, a neighbor.

"Take a litter box that's full put it in a bedroom close the door for half an hour in the heat and then go in there and that's what we live with day in and day out," said Curtis Johns, a neighbor.

Neighbors say they have tried everything. They set up dozens of animal traps around the neighborhood. Even though they caught about 50 cats, neighbors think there are close to 100 cats inside the home.

"Lets get her out or remove the cats, she can stay but the cats need to go," said Johns.

Neighbors have called and complained to the health department and animal control officers but so far they have seen no luck.

"I wish that there was a law in the books to prevent this," said Ellquisd.

Deputies say there is no ordinance regarding cats in Yakima County, so legally the 100 cats can stay. KNDO is waiting to hear back from Commissioners to see if anything else can be done.