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DETROIT 2010: Dave Villwock, Nate Brown win Saturday Unlimited Hydroplane Heats 2A, 2B

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Detroit, MICH - (July 10, 2010)

Heat 2A

Another marquee match-up with veterans Dave Villwock and Steve David going head-to-head with young guns J. Michael Kelly and Jeff Bernard.  Dr. Ken Muscatel in the U-25 Boyland Nissan rounded out the field for Heat 2A.

Based on their first round heat wins, Villwock and David had two outside lanes.   Kelly and Bernard started in lanes one and two respectively.  Muscatel opted to run in lane five.  Villwock's won a fair amount of races from the outside and he did it again here.

J. Michael Kelly hit the start line first with David and Villwock right on his outside.  Coming out of the turn, Villwock was in the lead with David on his inside.  Kelly had moved into third and Bernard fourth.  In the final turn of lap one, Bernard went sideways and lost speed.

David and Villwock were deck-to-deck for most of the second lap.  Villwock hit a roller and the boat flew a bit, but he brought it back down.  David hit one of his own in the turn.  Villwock extended out to a full roostertail lead.  In the final lap, Villwock really stretched it out into three roostertails as David settled into second.

Heat 2A Final Results

  1. U-96 Spirit of Qatar - Dave Villwock
  2. U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto - Steve David
  3. U-7 Graham Trucking - J. Michael Kelly
  4. U-5 - Jeff Bernard
  5. U-25 Boyland Nissan - Ken Muscatel

"That was a good run for the fans," said Villwock.  "I was worried a little after what happened to J-Dub earlier."

Heat 2B

In Heat 2B, Brian Perkins and the U-21 drew the inside line with Nate Brown and the U-17 in lane two.  Cal Phipps in the U-13 had lane three and heat 1A winner Greg Hopp had lane 4.  Mike Webster in the U-22 opted for lane five.

The U-21 was unable to answer the bell due to mechanical issues in the cockpit. 

The boats came up to line way early and had to slow down.  Cal Phipps had to ground almost to a stop so he didn't go over early.  Nate Brown in the U-17 Red Dot grabbed the lead and held it coming out of the first turn with Greg Hopp in the U-100 in second right on his outside.

Mike Webster in the U-22 found himself in third place, trying to hold off the U-13.  Phipps apparently jumped the gun and got hit with a one lap penalty and then went dead in the water.

Hopp and Brown were dead even going into the turn heading to the start/finish lane of lap three, but Brown sped back in front on the straightaway.  On the backstretch of the final lap, it was a two-boat race and they were tight going into the final turn.  Out of the corner, Brown in the U-17 held the lead and raced to the flag for the win.

Heat 2B Final Results

  1. U-17 Miss Red Dot - Nate Brown
  2. U-100 Jarvis Construction - Greg Hopp
  3. U-22 Matrix Systems Automotive Finishes - Mike Webster

    DNF.  U-13 Ambassador Magazine presents Miss Detroit Yacht Club - Cal Phipps*
    * one lap penalty - jumped the gun

    DNS.  U-21 Miss Gil Chiropractic - Brian Perkins

"I'm really happy for the Red Dot team," said Nate Brown.  "Great race.  That's all there is.  There ain't no more in that boat."

"That was awesome," said Greg Hopp.  "We've had troubles in the corners, but down the straightaways this boat really scoots. I had a little bit of a lead going in and thought I had 'em but I hit a couple of rollers and lost speed.  If we'd have gone 30 or 40 laps, I would of had him."