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Coyotes spotted in Pasco

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PASCO, Wash--  A Pasco woman says she saw a pair of wild coyotes roaming near Road 60 and Fenway.  While not documented, Fish and Wildlife officers wouldn't be surprised if in fact, yes, a coyote or two was out there.

And here's why: we're continuing to build on their land.  Fortunately, the woman who spotted them is okay, and Wildlife officers say anywhere you have new developments around here there may just be some coyotes.

"They don't walk around thinking they own the place.  They're just lost," explains officer Heidi Grant with the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  "You basically built a house where they used to live, so they're trying to find a new place to establish a den and where they're going to hunt and feed."

"I get scared just to think there may be coyotes out here, but I hope really there isn't," says one neighbor who leaves near the sighting.

Officers say the animals are usually scared and might go after cats or small dogs, but don't pose a huge risk to you.  If you see a coyote, you can always call the Department of Fish and Wildlife.